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29 March-1 April 2023

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CNR Fashion Show Antalya - Ready-to-wear & Fashion Exhibition

On 29 March-1 April 2023, CNR Fashion Show Antalya - Ready-to-wear & Fashion Exhibition will bring together the newest designs and distinctive models of hundreds of brands that influence the ready-to-wear & fashion.

In terms of exhibitor, visitor, and export rates, CNR Fashion Show Antalya is one of Turkey's premier international fashion exhibitions and adds value to the sector as the ideal commercial platform chosen by industry titans to connect with professional buyers and target markets. Numerous fashion shows and other events will be held at the exhibition, in which the top fashion brands will participate with their most fashionable and avant-garde creations. At the exhibition, visitors will encounter the newest, trendiest products, and exhibitors will increase their sales by using the best promotional strategies.

With CNR Holding, the heart of fashion will beat at CNR Fashion Show Antalya

With Fashion Show Antalya, CNR Holding, which has organized more than 130 productive exhibitions for the ready-to-wear & fashion industries over the course of 37 years, continues to offer its expertise and knowledge to the industry's global trade.

CNR Holding will take the know-how and experience of its professional team to the top with CNR Fashion Show Antalya by specializing in the Ready-to-wear & fashion industries.

As the largest trade platform for the Ready-to-wear & fashion industries, CNR Fashion Show Antalya offers unique opportunities by fostering close relationships between exhibitors and attendees.

Leading companies in the ready-to-wear & fashion industries will display their newest goods during CNR Fashion Show Antalya, which will serve as Turkey's supply base and its surrounding area. New and long-term commercial agreements will be made through B2B bilateral business meetings with domestic and international procurement committees. Qualified buyers and purchasing groups will find high-quality products under one roof at the exhibition, which will be held in the style of a festival. Fashion Show Antalya will host many fashion shows and events that will make Antalya the capital of fashion, just as it is of tourism.

CNR Fashion Show Antalya – Ready-to-wear & Fashion Exhibition will take place at the ANFAŞ – Antalya Exhibition Center on 29 March-1 April 2023, and will bring together hundreds of domestic and international brands with international buyers. Don’t be late to reserve your spot at CNR Fashion Show Antalya, where this year's most profitable business agreements will be made.

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